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About Us


Tony is a RVTI (Formerly RVIA/RVDA) Industry Certified and licensed RV Technician.  He regularly attends training and classes, as well as trips to Elkhart, IN, to stay current on the credits required to maintain his certification.

He has decades of electronic, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic troubleshooting under his belt.  His past work experience ranged from designing and engineering arcade games and coin pushers, to working on complex electrical stimulation medical systems for rehabilitation.


Our family RV's full time, and our son and daughter keep Tony's skills constantly honed as the tiny tots terrorize our home. 

Core Values


Your safety
comes first

When it comes to safety, we don't cut corners.  Everything we do meets or exceeds industry safety standards to ensure you have the safest trip possible in your travels, and the best possible shot at a worry free adventure.

Professional & reliable

We will be completely up front and transparent from start to finish on your issues.  If it is something we are unsure about, or feel we can't take on the job, we will let you know.  Time, money, and your safety are all too valuable to waste.  We want it fixed right the first time for you, and communicate through the whole process so we are all on the same page.

All the same diagnostic tools as a full RV shop

From propane manometers and leak down/flow simulator equipment, to water line pressure testing plugs and specialty crimp tools,  we have it.  Your RV will be tested to all industry standards to meet or exceed requirements when the repair is complete.

Personalised service with service record

All the work performed is documented, and you will be given a copy for your records.  We come to you, so your RV doesn't have to sit in a repair lot for weeks, or months, with no answers or updates.  You will know everything going on because it never has to disappear.

customer service

One of Tony's favorite movies was always "The Money Pit".  He always aspired to never be a "Two Weeks" contractor.  If you never saw the movie, two weeks was all the contractors quoted over and over for months.

It's more than just getting the repair done.  It also has to be communicated with full transparency on the process so there are no hiccups or surprises at the end.

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