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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge per hour?
    We will quote you a flat rate on a repair, and honor that quote even if we take longer than anticipated. Our quotes are based off industry guidelines per issue reported. If we quote you an hour to replace a furnace for example, but upon arrival the manufacturer placed the furnace making removal and installation more challenging than we anticipated, we will not bill you the additional time it took us. The service rate is $120 per hour. If an additional technician is required to do the job safely (for example, replacing an awning), there will be an additional $50 per hour charge per assistant. There is a 1 hour minimum charge once the technician arrives on site.
  • Do you charge per mile?
    There is no charge for travel distance less than 30 miles. After 30 miles, there is a $2.50 per mile charge, with a $30.00 minimum.
  • That all sounds a bit confusing. Is there a scenario you can walk me through as an example?
    To see how this works, let's say you called with a water heater leak that created a waterfall down the side of your RV. You are 40 miles away. Based off our conversation we decide it is best to replace the water heater, and it would take 1 tech 2 hours, including all the appropriate propane leak tests, water leak tests, and proper operation testing required after replacement. In this example we would quote you $270 (2 hours @ $120, plus $30 minimum outside 30 miles (10 miles @ $2.50 per mile is less than the $30 minimum)). If it takes us longer than the 2 hours to complete the replacement and testing, there is no additional charge to you for our overtime. If during the replacement we find the flooding caused additional damage that wasn't previously known, we would quote this separately outside the quote for the water heater replacement. There would be no additional travel charges for the additional work, as we already came out.
  • What happens if parts need to be ordered?
    If parts or supplies are needed that we do not have upon arrival, no additional time or travel fees will be added from the initial quote, unless the parts are outside the initial scope of the repair work initially quoted.
  • What if you diagnose the issue, make the repair, but a few days later the same thing happens again?
    Some issues can be intermittent and tough to diagnose if the issue doesn't present itself with the technician there. Being an RV owner as well, we completely understand your frustration with issues like this. If multiple trips are needed, we only charge the mileage for the initial service call. Subsequent calls for the same issue will not incur travel fees.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We offer discounts to active duty military, veterans, first responders, front line doctors and nurses, as well as teachers. We also offer discounts to Full Time Families group members.
  • Do you have a workshop I can bring my RV to?
    No. We only offer mobile technician services at this time.
  • Do you have a place I can store my RV?
    No we do not. We only offer mobile RV technician services at this time.
  • Do you work on engines, transmissions, steering alignments, tire mounting and balancing, etc?
    No we do not. Please contact us or visit Services for additional information on the services we offer.
  • Do you wash and wax RVs?
    Not at this time.
  • Do you offer seminars or classes at an event we are having?
    Yes. Please reach out to us to discuss the topics you would be interested in us presenting or demonstrating, and we will be happy to help if we have an opening available during your event.
  • Can you do a walk through with me on my RV?
    Absolutely. We would be happy to run you through all the features and operations of your RV, and tips of things to keep an eye on to make it more enjoyable for you to use and own. Contact us today, and we will set something up.
  • I want to buy/sell an RV. Can you take a look at it to make sure everything seems to be working OK and no major issues?
    Yes we would be happy to do an inspection for you. Whether it is a new or used RV, we can take a look at it to make sure you have more confidence in your decision, or more information on things that need to be addressed before the sale is finalized.
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