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Tony's Toolbox Tuesday - Tool 4

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Welcome to tool four of Tony's Toolbox Tuesday

Each week we will peek into one of the many tools Tony has on hand for diagnostics, inspections, and repairs. We will cover what we like, dislike, how we use it, where we got it, and other noteworthy information. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all these tools have been paid for out of pocket. We have no sponsors, paid advertisers, or donors at this time. Tony just loves tools and carries several that people tend to ask "Where did you get that? I've never seen something like it".

This week, a tool that comes with no manual, so you just take it step-by-step.


This tool is one that is always my first grab on every job. Mainly because I always have to move it to get access to anything else I need. Some say you can't trust it because it always seems up to something. As for me, it is by far the most rock solid platform I have set foot on when set up properly.

Allow me to introduce.... my ladder.


Ladders have been around in many forms since the dawn of time, so it isn't something "new". In fact, Little Giant had their first infomercial almost 20 years ago, so the concept and idea is nothing new or fantastic.

What I like about this particular ladder is the improvements made over the decades from it's predecessors.


I love the simplicity of this locking system. Prior generations I have owned had a "J" type hook you had to pull and turn to rest on the frame, then bump into the hole as you approached the desired height extension or retraction. The new black twisting rectangular knobs make the process much easier, especially when wearing gloves.

I also like the bump in "buttons" that lock the ladder for storage, "A" frame, or flat extension ladder modes.

The ladder also comes with built in wheels on one set of legs. In combination with the palm sized bump lock pucks at the top making for a nice comfortable hand-hold, it makes transporting very smooth and simple. I have rolled it on grass, gravel, concrete, asphalt, and over bumps, transitions, and cracks with ease.

Adjusting the legs at various lengths helps me to get the ladder exactly where I need it while remaining securely planted and comfortable. In this instance I was able to adjust the angle so it was near vertical on the back side, allowing me to get right up against the side wall without touching it.

The non-wheeled leg side has ratcheting extendable feet. This allows the ladder to sit rock solid on uneven ground with no rocking, and no hunting for rocks, spare wood blocks, or breaking out a trenching too to bury the other foot. Allegedly... not that ANY of us have ever resorted to any of those unsafe practices.

Speaking of safety, I opted for the heavier duty version they offer, rated to 375 pounds. This allows for myself, tools, supplies, etc. to safely go up and down with a lot more wiggle room. Well... minus the wiggles on this rock solid ladder.

For convenience, I also ordered the tool holder pouch, and trestle brackets.

The tool holder is big enough to hold screwdrivers, my Fluke digital multimeters, cans of mineral spirits and denatured alcohol, scrapers, rags, gloves... whatever I need handy while on the ladder to save the up and down workout.

The trestle brackets allow me to slide the extension legs off the inner A-frame legs to have 2 separate roughly 5 foot ladders. In full transparency and disclosure, this is not my preferred method of using the ladder. The inner set to me feels too narrow, and can be a bit unstable to use in this manner. I thought I would like it better than what I actually do. I had thought at the time it would make for a nice scaffold solution, but I don't trust the narrow stance enough that it would not "kick out". The trestle brackets go into the extension leg set, and they do feel rock solid because of the flared out feet at the bottom, and the brackets lock solidly into place at the top with the overlap tab and knobs locking into the hole. I just don't trust the narrower inner part, and have had that portion fall over a few times on it's own. Luckily no one on or around it when it did.


Little Giant Ladders Leveler M22 with Leg Levelers

Aluminum 22-ft Reach

Type 1AA- 375 lbs. Capacity

Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

Model #16622-801 480.00

Tressel Brackets

Model #: 26999 35.00

Tool Pouch

Model #: 15040-001 30.00


In Closing...

None of these are "affiliate links", nor do I have "promo codes" to save whatever. Just my honest opinion and review on a tool I use a lot, and links to places I order from over the years with no issues or complaints.

If you have comments or questions, or perhaps a tool you would like me to review that you may have seen in one of our photos of jobs we did, comment below, send us a message on Facebook, or smash the "Contact" tab above, and we will be happy to oblige.

Finally, if you found this article helpful or entertaining, please share it with your friends, family, and followers on your favorite social media platforms. We would greatly appreciate the word of mouth and your support!

Have a wonderful day and God bless!

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